Encanta la Vida - Beach Jungle Lodge - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

A secluded beach jungle lodge on the world famous
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Encanta la Vida is the
getaway of all getaways!

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Travel to Encanta la Vida at Matapolo on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Travel to Encanta la Vida at Matapolo on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Travel to Encanta la Vida at Matapolo on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Travel to Encanta la Vida at Matapolo on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

We can help coordinate your travel arrangements so your in transit experience is as smooth as possible.
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Step 1): Travel arrangements to the capital city of San Jose can be made with many major airlines.


Step 2): It is a 7 to 9 hour drive, or a 45 minute flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, the town closest to Encanta la Vida.


Step 3): If flying - Once in Puerto Jimenez, our agent can arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport for the 40 minute drive to the Lodge. If driving be sure your vehicle is four wheel drive.


Note: If you choose to fly, we can coordinate the best transportation for you depending on your arrival, baggage requirements, and overall travel plans within Costa Rica. Sansa Airlines is our recommended airline from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez.

Three simple steps to Encanta la Vida, Matapolo on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

FAQ and packing suggestions:


  • We are off the grid / having a flashlight is important
  • Bring (1) flashlight or headlamp per person and extra batteries
  • It gets dark between 5:30pm and 6:00pm everyday


  • It can be a hassle and expensive to fly your board
  • Encanta La Vida rents boards for $15/day to in-house guests
  • Our quiver features long boards, shorter boards and soft-tops for beginners


  • Pack 'em!  and, remember to bring the cables/batteries that charge them!
  • The Reception area at the lodge has a power strip dedicated to charging electronic devices
  • There is a SAFE in each room to secure your belongings.


  • Pack quick dry shorts/shirts/skorts, swimsuits/board shorts, lightweight pants/sundresses
  • Performance fabrics are perfect -- think active wear!
  • Sunhats, flip flops, water shoes/keens/chocos/tevas, crocs, sneakers


  • Generally not an issue
  • Lemon grass and herbal repellents work for most (if needed at all)


  • Generally our weather is 75-90 degrees year-round
  • Expect it to be hot, humid with a chance of rain
  • The dry season Dec-Apr heats up with less cloud coverage
  • The green season May-Nov is cooler with more clouds and rain


  • BRING your smile, sense of adventure and your open mind!
  • The electrical system at the lodge cannot support heating elements
  • NO hairdryers, NO curling irons, NO heating elements of any sort
  • The small domestic airlines will penalize you for overweight
  • Read the small print on your ticket for baggage policy details.